GSoC'18 @ CERN-HSF:-

Hi Everyone, I am glad to inform that I have been selected as a Student Developer in Google Summer of Code 2018 at CERN-HSF. I am really excited to contribute to the project. I will be working on the project “Development of the Deep Learning Optimization Algorithms in TMVA.”.


CERN-HSF (High-Energy Physics Software Foundation) is the umbrella organization for high-energy physics-related projects in GSoC. The HEP Software Foundation facilitates the coordination of common international efforts in high-energy physics software and computing.

I will be working on TMVA which is a submodule of ROOT Project ( One of the famous projects by CERN ). ROOT is a modular scientific software framework. It provides all the functionalities needed to deal with big data processing, statistical analysis, visualisation and storage. It is mainly written in C++ but integrated with other languages such as Python and R. The Toolkit for Multivariate Data Analysis with ROOT (TMVA) is a standalone project that provides a ROOT-integrated machine learning environment for the processing and parallel evaluation of sophisticated multivariate classification techniques.

The existing TMVA submodule has always used gradient descent to update the parameters and minimize the cost of the neural networks. More advanced optimization methods can speed up learning and perhaps even get you to a better final value for the cost function. Having a good optimization algorithm can be the difference between waiting days vs. just a few hours to get a good result.

The project aims to implement various Optimization Modules ( Momentum-based, Nesterov accelerated momentum, Adagrad, RMSProp, Adadelta, Adamax, Adam, Nadam, AMSGrad etc ) in Machine learning.

More Information about the project can be found Here

I hope that this summer will be interesting, challenging and productive. In my next post, I’ll give an overview of the optimization modules.