List of PRs submitted:-

Here are the list of Pull Requests that are submitted to the root-project/root master branch as a result of the GSoC project.

1) [TMVA] API-Support for SGD Optimizer: PR #2309

2) [TMVA] Add operations needed for performing optimizer updates: PR #2315

3) [TMVA] Add new Evaluation Metric ( meanAbsoluteError between two matrices ): PR #2376

4) [TMVA] Refactor MethodDL Tests for Optimization: PR #2379

5) [TMVA] Add API Support for Adam Optimizer: PR #2438

6) [TMVA] Add API Support for Adagrad Optimizer: PR #2439

7) [TMVA] Add API Support for RMSProp Optimizer: PR #2440

8) [TMVA] Add API Support for Adadelta Optimizer: PR #2441

The link to all PRs: Here