Internships & Open Source Contributions

Graduate Researcher @ USC's Information Sciences Institute

I am working as a Graduate Researcher at Center on Knowledge Graphs Lab in USC's Information Sciences Institute, California, USA (October 2019 - Present).

  • I am working under the mentorship of Prof. Mayank Kejriwal.
  • My work is focussed on creating better and improved neural representations of text data by incorporating domain knowledge with word embeddings and constructing knowledge graphs to solve some of the most interesting NLP problems in the e-commerce domain and is funded by Yahoo Research!
  • Currently, we are working to solve “large scale product categorization” and “product matching” with these new representations.

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Data Science Intern @ Motorq

I worked as a Data Science Intern at Motorq Labs LLP, Chennai, India (December 2018 - June 2019).

  • Set up the initial Data Science workflow and infrastructure for building ML models.
  • Analyzed large-scale connected car data from IoT devices and solved problems such as refueling event detection, idling time detecting, trip completion event detection.
  • Performed source data validation and analyzed the various parameters of car data, found the co-relations between them; also detected and analyzed different types of anomalies in those parameters.
  • Designed and Implemented engine hour metrics and meta-metrics for various parameters of car data and analyzed the trends across time; automated the calculation of these metrics by sending summarized daily report.
  • Build the battery voltage failure prediction model based on the number of parameters from the car data.

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GSoC'18 Student Developer @ CERN

I worked as a Google Summer of Code 2018 Student Developer at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (April 2018 - August 2018). It is a remote software development project. I worked on the project "Development of the Deep Learning Optimization Algorithms in TMVA".

  • Refactored the existing code to include support for new deep learning optimization algorithms.
  • Implemented the optimization algorithms like SGD, RMSProp, Adam, Adagrad, Adadelta etc.
  • Unit tests and Integration tests are written to check the optimization algorithms.
  • Progress Report: GSoC'18 Blog

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Machine Learning Intern @ Kenome

I worked as a Machine Learning Intern at Kenome Technologies, Bengaluru Area, India (June 2018 - July 2018).

  • Built a deep learning model to perform sequence tagging for colors, materials and patterns in the document.
  • Built an efficient method for data-annotation using Trie datastructure.
  • Built a dashboard for visualization of the cryptocurrency prediction model using plotly and d3 libraries.

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SDE Intern @ Amazon

I worked as a Software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon Development Center, Chennai, India (May 2017 - July 2017). I worked with the exciting Amazon-FireTV Team.

  • Built a prototype for integrating “Marketing Notifications” in FireTVStick.
  • Built a prototype for integrating “Rate Now” feature for Amazon Prime Videos.

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