Internships & Open Source Contributions

Data Science Intern @ Motorq

I am currently working as a Data Science Intern at Motorq, India.

  • Setting up the Data Science workflow and infrastructure for building ML models.
  • Working with the battery voltage failure prediction based on the number of parameters from the car data.
  • Designed and Implemented the Utilization and Idle time metrics for the connected cars.
  • Performed the source data validation for various parameters of the car data including ignition signal, battery voltage signal etc.

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GSoC'18 Student Developer @ CERN

I worked as a Google Summer of Code 2018 Student Developer at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. It is a remote software development project. I am working on the project "Development of the Deep Learning Optimization Algorithms in TMVA".

  • Refactored the existing code to include support for new deep learning optimization algorithms.
  • Implemented the optimization algorithms like SGD, RMSProp, Adam, Adagrad, Adadelta etc.
  • Unit tests and Integration tests are written to check the optimization algorithms.
  • Progress Report: GSoC'18 Blog

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Machine Learning Intern @ Kenome

I worked as a Machine Learning Intern at Kenome Technologies, Bengaluru Area, India during Summer 2018.

  • Built a deep learning model to perform sequence tagging for colors, materials and patterns in the document.
  • Built an efficient method for data-annotation using Trie datastructure.
  • Built a dashboard for visualization of the cryptocurrency prediction model using plotly and d3 libraries.

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SDE Intern @ Amazon

I worked as a Software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon Development Center, Chennai, India during Summer 2017. I worked with the exciting Amazon-FireTV Team.

  • Built a prototype for integrating “Marketing Notifications” in FireTVStick.
  • Built a prototype for integrating “Rate Now” feature for Amazon Prime Videos.

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